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Teeb is an Arabic term that means Heal! Guided by a sense of urgency to provide our community with a sustainable healthy lifestyle, Teeb is committed to providing the finest all-natural products, including; herbs, spices, oils, and beauty products, which will add value to our lifestyle, providing the needed awareness to Live Well.

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King's Academy Alumni Association

The King's Academy Alumni Association (KAAA) aims to promote the union of alumni; to cultivate lifelong relationships with current and future alumni; to foster a spirit of loyalty towards the Academy and to advance the interests, welfare, educational and career-oriented goals of the alumni and the Academy through active participation in a range of activities including – but not limited to – reunions, networking events, Academy events, community-engagement, fundraising, and the development of programs in areas of service.

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Design Battlefield

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Design Battlefield is an independent two-day event that brings designers in one place to solve a challenge that has a socially influential goal. Design Battlefield (DBf) enables the participants to solve societal problems using one of the different design areas (Graphic, Interior, Architectural, Fashion, Industrial .. etc.) In addition, DBf allows the designers to expand their networks and share knowledge and experience by learning different skills from each other.

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